Portland Residence, the contemporary classic

Portland Residence is a historic stone house located in the town of Mount Royal, a “model town” built at the beginning of the 20th century. Atelier Barda Architectural Studio was responsible for renovating the property and having a series of bespoke furnishings made by Foraine par Atelier Barda, the new department founded by Cécile Combelle and Antonio Di Bacco in 2017, dedicated to creating original products in collaboration with local artisans and various professionals.

The task of the team of architects was to renovate all the spaces of the house arranged on three floors, with a total area of 3,000 square metres, and design an extension at the back of the building.
The development of the project respected the importance of the residence’s location in the centre of the city’s garden and the client’s desire to maintain the heritage value of the surroundings.

In the living area on the first floor, an open space has been created that creates a division from the upper floor. The layout of the original residence has been completely reconfigured to achieve a fluid and intuitive circulation.
The central area recalls the shape of a black rectangular box, around which family life and the various private and communal spaces develop. Here we can find kitchen utensils and equipment, a storage room, a toilet, and a connection to the stairs and the library.
This area is characterised by an anthracite oak finish that contrasts with the light tones of the rest of the space.

The soft atmosphere is emphasised by the choice of materials used, such as herringbone parquet in natural light oak, while the volumes are configured to create clear lines and edges. Curved surfaces, on the other hand, recall the original architectural features of the house, and promote a gradual transition between spaces.
Customised elements such as stone curtains, kitchen furniture and staircase railings add further value to the architectural elements.
A series of glass curtain walls has been added to the rear of the house, offering an unobstructed view of the garden and filtering diffused natural light onto the floor. Thin black steel columns conceal the high-performance insulation system suitable for Quebec’s harsh climate.
The iconic de Sede sofa overlooks the living room fireplace, defining the orientation of the space.
All the furniture in solid oak was made by Foraine par Atelier Barda.

Upstairs is the bedroom and private office. In the bathroom, classic plaster and tadelakt finishes and marble worktops and floors create a tranquil atmosphere.
A skylight above the stairs allows natural light to reach the bedrooms.

This innovative redesign has freed the architectural spirit from its original limitations and made it new in a classic yet modern setting.

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PROJECT Portland Residence
ARCHITECT Atelier Barda
LOCATION Mont-Royal, Canada
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Alex Lesage, Threefold