Oggetti d’autore: Omaggio a Morandi

Paolo Castelli signed for Istituzione Bologna Musei the capsule “Oggetti d’autore: Omaggio a Morandi“, objects and complements are dressed in art, colour and creativity, to give new energy to interior decoration, with a strong lyrical and poetic accent.
A creative partnership between the Emilian designer and entrepreneur, Paolo Castelli, and the Istituzione Bologna Musei, which began “silently” in 2009, during the redevelopment – curated by Bolognese architect and designer Massimo Iosa Ghini – of Casa Morandi, the artist’s home in Via Fondazza 36, where Morandi lived with his mother and sisters from 1910 to 1964. Exactly 45 years after the artist’s death, a fortuitous meeting between Paolo Castelli and Istituzione Bologna Musei, from which a successful collaboration took shape.

The collection is inspired by the artist and his poetics: starting from the objects in the studio, for Morandi the centre of a meticulous, contemplative and repeated observation over time, to dwell on the formal and chromatic elements of these absolute protagonists of Morandi’s artistic research.
The result is a collection of objects permeated with sophisticated elegance, telling symbolic worlds with decorations and palettes that are never excessive. From Casa Morandi to our homes, this collection offers us accessories and furnishing accessories with a strong identity value.
“I wanted to make a dream come true” says Paolo Castelli “To give life to a collection sublimated by Giorgio Morandi’s creative gaze and, at the same time, to celebrate our city: Bologna”.
The Emilian artist’s hallmark of creativity also includes soft cushions, wallpaper and ceramics for the table, unmissable in interior decoration. The result: a surprising collection that belongs as much to the world of art as to that of design. Pure art de vivre.

The measured beauty and simplicity of Oggetti d’autore: Omaggio a Morandi (Homage to Morandi) project a precise and minimalist style, underlining the importance of the figure of the Italian craftsman and manual work techniques, perfectly reflected in the interior design concept developed by Paolo Castelli S.p.A. throughout its history. The excellence of every single solution starts first of all with the material, such as eco-sustainable and unselected ash, natural brass, Murano glass, Vietri ceramics, horsehair and regenerated leather, just to name a few, and with the production of elements with a durable design.

The collection, whose range varies from seats, coffee tables to lamps and minimal design household objects, offers an eclectic assortment of contemporary furniture, which harmoniously matches the sophisticated collections already in the catalogue: Inspiration and Greenkiss. This blend is part of a quality operation to complete a project already started by the company at the beginning of 2020 to create a stratification of complementary brands that integrate at best to offer a complete living experience.
Paolo Castelli S.p.A and Istituzione Bologna Musei have awarded Artemest, an e-commerce platform with offices in Milan and New York, specialising in high-end design products in the furniture, lighting, home décor and lifestyle categories, the exclusive online sale of the collection. A strategic and well-defined choice, which focuses on the desire to embrace contemporary business models and seduce a new market segment.
For more information visit www.paolocastelli.com.