Metalli d’Autore, when art becomes décor

Made in Italy crafts mastery expression, Metalli d’Autore art objects are metal living and design products, realized in limited edition and characterized by an exclusive style that wants to satisfy every living demand with creativeness and elegance.

The products line includes several categories designed to furnish all kinds of indoor ambient.

AlianteKalumoLucentia and Burned&Cracked play the starring role in Metalli d’Autore Credenzas category, where architectural bronze, stainless steel, burnished metal and SN 50 are forged to start unique and timeless artworks.

Aliante is made of architectural bronze and stainless steel: in the open version, it is a tasteful functionality item with two wide lateral compartments, in the closed one it becomes a glamorous furniture living and design piece.

Kalumo is in SN 50 and glass, and has got four drawers: the solid base with its brilliant silver reflections and the elegant glass surface, combine extreme resistance and refinement.

Lucentia is made of architectural bronze and stainless steel: the mirror cube doors make the surrounding environment shine with extraordinary light.

Burned&Cracked recalls all the power of nature through intense burns and violent ripples: the inner structure and doors are covered in mirror-polished stainless steel, the backlit lamina is in red methacrylate and the outer doors are made of burned wood.