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Loft 32 Zlín

The loft designed by studio petrjanda/brainwork is located on the eighth floor of the former Bat’a shoe factory in Zlin, Czech Republic, with a view of the city’s green heart and a design that aims to integrate the outdoor environment with the flat’s interior space.

The design of this loft followed a contrasting approach to the traditional construction of a penthouse, focusing on the use of original materials and transforming the space into an abstract composition, emphasising the industrial aspect of the building and the landscape characterised by skyscrapers and the valleys of Zlín.

The interior space is developed on different levels in a gradual opening up of the various areas, separating the private part from the social part.

The living area defines a large part of the flat, and is framed by a partition of curved furniture and a built-in kitchen. Hidden in this space are two rooms, a bathroom, an entrance hall and a staircase.

Through this partition it is possible to reach the dining room on the upper level, passing through the play area in front of the window and crossing the space between the two unusual sofas to the bedroom, in which a round bathtub has been inserted.

The layout of the flat consists of a geometric structure made up of triangles that spiral around the centre of the space, creating a sort of stage from which the cityscape can be enjoyed.

The main materials used in the design of the flat are white birch plywood, white artificial leather upholstery and white PVC flooring. The partition walls are made of glass, while the kitchen features a shiny mosaic decoration, creating a contrasting element within the loft.


PROJECT Loft 32 Zlín
ARCHITECT petrjanda/brainwork
AUTHOR Petr Janda, Anna Podroužková, Maty Donátová, Bára Simajchlová
CO-AUTHOR Viktor Johanis, Martin Chlanda
LOCATION Zlín, Czech Republic
JOINER’S WORK Truhlářství Obdržálek
ELECTRICS Miroslav Malaník
YEAR 2018
PHOTO BoysPlayNice