La Vaca y la Huerta, a new gastronomic space in Madrid

In Madrid, on Recoletos Street, one of the city’s main boulevards, is the new gastronomic space La Vaca y la Huerta, designed by the Spanish architecture studio Zooco.

The name of the restaurant, literally “The Cow and the Orchard”, is the starting point that inspired the team of architects to create a creative and functional design that fully represents the spirit of the restaurant.

The existing space had two surface finishes, plasterboard and brick, which the client wished to retain. Once these spaces were analysed, the idea was to add layers of information to these finishes and create a new language and thread to renew the restaurant’s identity.
To do this, a metal lattice structure was built, allowing customers to glimpse the features of the original walls, recalling the geometries of the perimeter grids of the agriculture and livestock in farms. In some places the metal structure was duplicated to delineate the rear bar station or storage spaces.

The project was completed with the use of natural materials, such as oak wood in the floors and plinths, plaster on some vertical walls and fabric on the ceiling.
These features make the environment warm and welcoming, and above all allow excellent lighting, despite the scarce natural light sources.

The design created for the La Vaca y la Huerta restaurant has won several awards, including the NAN XIV Award for Best Interior Design 2020, the Archilovers Award for Best Project 2020 and the Archello Award for Best Project 2020.


PROJECT La Vaca y la Huerta
ARCHITECT Zooco Estudio
LEAD TEAM Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez
COLLABORATORS María Larriba Hombrados, Jorge Alonso Albendea
LOCATION Madrid, Spain
YEAR 2020
PRODUCTS BRANDS Case Furniture, Arkoslight S.L. Kave Home, Terence Home, Roca, CERÀMICA FERRES
PHOTO Imagen Subliminal