An idea can be inspired by nature or by imagination. A stone, a wall or a painting. The artistic creativity and intuition transform them into a material for architecture. To create the material you need the skill of an artisan, machines and ceramic knowhow, aesthetic culture and a passion for design. And you need tough and painstaking development work.
The added value of Ceramica Sant’Agostino lies (also) in creating every collection as a solution kit for architecture, with matching colours, sizes, patterns and surfaces, designed to dress spaces and styles with technically impeccable solutions.

The inspiration of Insideart collection starts from the manually applied resin flooring, to evolve into a sophisticated and complex project in top quality porcelain, where the solid colours are accompanied by decorative modules that extend the field of application and the ability to interpret different stylistic moods.
The visual perception of the material is chromatically compact, but suggests a warm and organic soul. The surface is crossed by delicate but tangible traces of wise manual skill.
Continuous and homogeneous surfaces, for residential and commercial spaces with essential charm: the resin effect applied by hand expands the environments and enhances the strength of decorative inserts, furnishings and accessories.

ECOQUALITY is a complete action programme carried out by Ceramica Sant’Agostino to coordinate all the company’s efforts aimed to obtaining very high quality products while totally respecting the strict European and international rules to protect the environment, the persons and the end-users.
ECOQUALITY is a process that involves the whole company organization and therefore ambitious, objectively measurable and continually evolving.
Ceramic, which naturally includes porcelain, is a safe, natural material suitable for spaces of all kinds. It does not emit any harmful substances, and it is sustainable, incombustible, recyclable and resistant, easy to lay and long-lasting.
Ceramic is a sustainable material safe for the environment and human health, made in compliance with European standards.
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