The classic and fascinating nature of travertine is reinterpreted by Cir Manifatture Ceramiche in the new collection In Falda, inspired by the characteristic cloudy texture of blocks cut in this direction. The antiqued aesthetics of In Falda porcelain stoneware and the selection of elegant, warm and enveloping colours blend with the creative style of the Gruppo Romani brand through the use of small sizes, suitable for both walls and floors, even in decorative and rustic-inspired modular installation layouts.

A special mention goes to the decorations created on the solid colour basic tiles of In Falda. The collection Design Italiano is a tribute to the ideas of the great masters, style icons graphically re-elaborated in a play of elegant, fun and minimalist silhouettes featuring black and white.

IN FALDA clothes the surfaces of residential and commercial interiors, bestowing a timeless atmosphere that is suitable for building restorations as well as a source of inspiration when paired with colours and materials typical of contemporary design.

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