French Door by Siemens

Siemens, Europe’s leading manufacturer of built-in appliances, presents the new French Door, a four-door fridge-freezer. French Door measures 90 cm, comes in a black glass finish and is equipped with a special drawer dedicated to bottles storage. The elegant oak racks cradle have integrated lighting to highlight the seventeen bottles that this solution can accommodate on two levels. The illuminated back wall also guarantees visibility on every shelf and combines elegant design with exceptional performance thanks to multiAirflow, the innovative system that allows air to circulate evenly through the refrigerator to maintain a constant temperature on all levels.

Temperatures are preset according to the type of bottle, but thanks to the Home Connect app you can customise this setting to suit your own preferences. With the Home Connect app it is also possible to keep the bottle drawer lighting on even when it is closed, manage the temperatures in the refrigeration and freezing compartments, activate the superCooling or superFreezing modes or get tips on how to optimise storage. The freezer is equipped with noFrost technology that extracts moisture and keeps the air dry to prevent frost from forming on the inside walls and food, to keep frozen food unaltered and to eliminate the need to defrost the freezer. The app is also designed to send a push notification if the door is left open or if the temperature suddenly rises.


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