Ettore Sottsass. La parola

From January 20th to April 2nd 2023 Triennale Milano presents the exhibition Ettore Sottsass. La parola (The Word) , curated by Marco Sammicheli with Barbara Radice and Iskra Grisogono of Studio Sottsass, with art direction by Christoph Radl.

The third project in the exhibition cycle dedicated to Ettore Sottsass focuses on the varied, constant and multiple use of the word in the production of the great architect and designer.

The exhibition brings together a selection of drawings, objects, writings and unpublished works with the intention of proposing a visual and literary anthology that represents the essence of Sottsass’s original narrative vein.

The exhibition lets emerge the multiplicity of forms in which the word is present in the work of Ettore Sottsass: lists, descriptions, confessions, diaries, italics, short stories, magazines, posters, fanzines, articles, speeches, lectures and reviews, all traces used to accompany the moments and movements of his works.

The use of words in Sottsass is very archaic; his writing, almost always in capital block letters, has a precise calligraphic status, always comprehensible, and conveys an accessible code of expression. It is a verbo-visual art where the fusion of the word, its manipulation, juxtaposition with drawings, objects, puts concepts before, adds or alters representations and processes before forms.
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Photo by Gianluca di Ioia