Toshiba Daiseikai™ 10

Toshiba Air Conditioning presents DAISEIKAI™ 10, an innovative air conditioner now available for all European countries. The product, designed by the global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, combines high standards in terms of performance, design and also sustainability.

The new design of the Toshiba DAISEIKAI™10 is inspired by the “Go back to the Earth” concept and features an original front panel made of a natural wood grid from PEFC-certified sustainable forests. The appearance of the air conditioner is made unique by the grain, texture and colour shade of the wood, which are always different, guaranteeing the uniqueness of each air conditioner. A second aspect of sustainability and commitment to reducing the impact on the environment is the use of the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and 43% recycled plastic components.

In addition, the technologies designed by Toshiba are based on power modulation (INVERTER) which optimises energy levels ensuring energy efficiency in cooling (SEER 10.7) and heating (SCOP 5.3). In addition to the A++ energy rating, best-in-class in both cooling and heating, and the ultra-quiet operation of the indoor unit, DAISEIKAI™10 boasts several smart features to enhance the user’s lifestyle, such as multiple control solutions including remote control, Wi-Fi/app and voice control, motion detection function and plasma ioniser complete with PM 2.5 ultrapure filter and resin-coated coil for an always-clean battery.

The indoor units available in three sizes and also with a classic white panel are compatible with single-split outdoor units and the wide range of multi-split units that allow systems of up to 5 indoor units to be installed.


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