The New Together. Project and community.

Yesterday, 12 June 2024, the finissage conference of the exhibition ‘The New Together‘ curated by Luca Molinari and Simona Finessi for Platform Architecture and Design was held at the exhibition hangar of Steel Group, a Cremona-based company specialising in doors and windows and metal for architecture.

The exhibition first opened in May 2023 at the Scuola Grande di Misericordia in Venice, in conjunction with the Architecture Biennale. At the end of the event, it was remounted in a reduced form in November 2023 at the Steel Group’s exhibition hangar, which, as well as being one of the main sponsors of the event, created the metal structures of the installation by the Superluna studio.

Welcoming the participants was Tomas Caporali, owner of the Cremona-based company. Next, architect Marta Visone, President of the Cremona Order of Architects PPC, and architect Danilo Cremonesi, President of the Lodi Order of Architects PPC, as well as promoter of the conference and coordinator of all the orders involved in the provinces adjacent to Cremona, spoke with institutional greetings.

Finally, Simona Finessi, Platform’s editor, introduced the guests of honour: Mario Cucinella, internationally renowned architect, Founder & Design Director of MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, who gave an interesting lecture on ‘Project and Community‘, followed by a profound and compelling dialogue with Luca Molinari, international exhibition curator, architecture critic, university lecturer and editorial director of Platform Architecture.

The conference captured the attention of the more than 100 participants and ended with a visit to the company’s production facilities by all the guests attending.
Platform would like to thank the professional associations for their helpfulness and excellent cooperation, and especially Steel Group, which not only organised and supported this event, but also hosted the exhibition ‘The New Together’ for all these months, and which will be open until the end of June.