The walls are dressed with elegance

ELIE SAAB is proud to announce a long-term License Contract with Zambaiti Parati, the Italian company that has been creating for more than 50 years high-quality wallpaper collections.
Since 1982 – the year of its foundation – the ELIE SAAB Maison has established itself as one of the major protagonists in the world of haute couture, continuing to build on a concept of savoir-faire and innate elegance for which it is famous, ranging from pret-a-porter to wedding dresses, accessories, eyewear, perfumes, up to ELIE SAAB Maison, a line for the home and interior design.
Zambaiti Parati is a known Italian company founded in 1973 and specialized in the production of high-end wall coverings.
This collaboration reinforces the global vision of the ELIE SAAB Maison and Haute Interiors developments establishing a partnership that will further expand the Home and Hospitality business.

Stemming from the designer’s desire to work on creating an interior atmosphere of luxury, the furniture dialogue of Corporate Brand Maison integrated with Zambaiti Parati wallcoverings take you into a home journey proposing a total look concept reflecting elegance and uniqueness.
The creative team of Zambaiti Parati has worked under the artistic direction of Elie Saab on the design of the drawing inspired by the brand’s Haute Couture creations using exclusive materials.

The collection is rich in colors and shades; the ‘chiaroscuro’ effect is used to add a realistic sensation. From geometries of a classical setting to oriental scenarios, from decorative concepts inspired by trees and flowers up to the timeless language of marble and stone, everything passes through the technical skills and the ability of Zambaiti Parati’s highest craftsmanship offering unique quality and uncompromised creativity.
The first collection will be launched in September and sold worldwide.