Prefab Module by Unimetal

Unimetal proposes a complete, transportable and easily installed prefabricated bathroom module. One of the great trends that are marking the world of construction is called prefabrication. A concept associated in the past with emergency building, it is now one of the most innovative sectors of the building industry, able to respond fully to the needs of modern construction sites in terms of time and cost optimisation, as well as the certainty of guaranteed results. Unimetal, which has recently opened a new division dedicated to the production of prefabricated bathroom modules, has also intervened to identify the advantages offered by the world of off-site construction.

Completely customisable, the bathroom units are assembled in the Unimetal factory in Torre San Giorgio (Cuneo) and then fitted inside public or private works, intended for schools, student halls, hospitals, public buildings, accommodation facilities and customised according to the project. On the building site, time is a tyrant: realising off site the elements destined for a building makes it possible to optimise production and progress times, respect delivery times and keep costs under control. The bathroom cells are made with a lightened concrete base, on which a vertical steel structure is developed to maintain good rigidity and low weight. This last element is very important, as it allows the cell not to weigh too heavily on the structures in which it is to be housed and to be easily moved. In addition, the modules are made complete with electrical and plumbing systems, as well as all the finishes, from flooring and wall coverings to sanitary ware. The client, supported by Unimetal technicians, has complete freedom of choice. Thanks to the partnership with Idrocentro, a wide range of materials is available, which also allows for a single point of contact from design to installation.


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