Italian Smart Office

The pandemic and the global lockdown have taught us something about the organisation of work, which also and above all concerns workspaces. Studies on the impact of the pandemic have revealed a new concept of the post-COVID office: an environment whose importance has been rediscovered and which, inevitably, is evolving towards a smart (and safety) workplace model.

According to Cushman & Wakefield, world leader in real estate services, spacing is set to become a quality standard for the post-COVID office. That’s why it introduced the concept of “6 Feet Office” and defined a protocol to help companies adapt to the “new normality”. What is fundamentally changing is the relationship between people and space. The fundamental actions, in short, are:

  • access control
  • definition of routes and rest areas
  • reduction in the number of workstations and introduction of office partition panels
  • planning the number of people for each environment
  • adoption of tools to regulate the use of shared spaces

The lockdown reminded us that the real reason we go to the office is to interact and confront people. But it also made us discover that flexible workspaces are safer and more productive. This is Estel’s idea of a smart office. A workspace with a flexible layout, where the worker can work more easily, free to move around easily in “traditional” operating spaces, areas dedicated to concentration and areas dedicated to interaction or relaxation.

Estel’s designers have studied and developed Caring Panel System, a solution whose function is inherent in the name it bears: taking care of people.
They were created thinking about the social dynamics and exchanges that take place in workspaces, and taking inspiration from the many important projects carried out over the last 40 years, for which over a million workstations and more have been produced and installed.
Caring panels offer physical protection from any transmission of aerosol pathogens, and are easily sanitised in all their parts.
A versatile and easily applicable solution, because never before has the resource “time” been so important: Caring in fact arrives already assembled in all its parts and exploits the existing workstations on which it will be installed.
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