Giorgetti Walks With Art

Giorgetti has inaugurated the first edition of the design concept dedicated to art “Giorgetti Walks With Art” which, during Milan Art Week 2022, saw the collaboration with the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery in Dubai and Forte dei Marmi.
The itinerary opens with the preview presentation of the BOREALIS screen by Roberto Lazzeroni and the MONTGOMERY seating collection by Dainelli Studio, the two new products in Giorgetti’s 2022 collection, together with Giorgetti’s iconic and latest creations in the space, are flanked by sculptures and works by Manu Alguerò, Mario Arlati, Stefano Bombardieri, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Cveto Marsic, Gianfranco Meggiato, Igor Mitoraj, Gustavo Vélez.

The Giorgetti flat is divided into different living areas where the twenty-eight works selected by Creative Director Giancarlo Bosio are displayed. He wanted to create a refined and elegant atmosphere by building it up through works with different material surfaces and alternating black and white works with others in gold.
In this scenario that develops from the living room to the sleeping area, Giorgetti’s products meet, versatile proposals with an unmistakable character that celebrate Giorgetti’s passion for details and its continuous search for the maximum.

The exhibition opens with the new MONTGOMERY armchairs, which take their inspiration from classic forms and experiment with a more aggressive, contemporary style. Ash wood in its various seat colours is the protagonist: the shapes are moulded in the raw material to make them fluid, light and soft at the ends.
We continue with the new BOREALIS screen, an object with a sculptural appearance that expresses the company’s high level of craftsmanship through a seductive interplay of interwoven leather bands. Dozens of eyelets form a composition that creates a game of full and empty, with a pewter-finish aluminium frame.

In this context, Flavio Lucchini’s works are the first to be inserted, representing a tribute to the city of Milan, the city of fashion, design and art.
The products of the latest Giorgetti collection for the dining area, the ENSŌ table accompanied by the TIE chairs, both designed by M2Atelier, and the works Dos ombras e Blanco by Mario Arlati and Dos Amigos Serenos by Manuel Alguerò, come together in perfect synergy and harmony in the path.
Giorgetti’s most recent proposals for the living area include the VESPER modular sofa designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, an organic system that moves within the space, transforming it according to needs, combined with the ELSA armchairs by M2Atelier, objects that leave room for the suggestions of the new work 2022 by the Slovenian artist Cveto Marsic, characterised by strong chromatic accents.

The atelier space is completed by the HOUDINI storage unit by Roberto Lazzeroni, which expresses the uniqueness of Giorgetti’s cabinet-making tradition thanks to an external dress composed of a game of inlays in Canaletto walnut or maple, the SHIRLEY bench and mirror by Carlo Colombo, the UYUNI mirror and CLAMP coffee tables by M2Atelier, the SUMMA and OTTO poufs by Giancarlo Bosio and Centro Ricerche Giorgetti and the ALDÌA outdoor collection by Carlo Colombo, accompanied by rugs, chandeliers, vases, accessories and toys from the Atmosphere collection.

The art itinerary is completed with a nucleus of sculptures by the great masters presented by the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery: Persée and Asclepios by Igor Mitoraj; Gaia and the Whale, Martha and the Elephant and Rhinoceros Baggage by Stefano Bombardieri; Gold attraction in a box and Cosmic Treasure by Tiziana Lorenzelli; Rhythmic V by the Colombian Gustavo Velèz; the Heart Sphere by Gianfranco Meggiato who closes this journey through sculpture with a work that symbolises man’s journey in search of himself.