Aedificante. Cantiere. Cultura. Persone. Futuro

From February 10th to 26th 2023, Fondazione Stelline hosts Aedificante. Construction site. Culture. People. Future, an art photographic exhibition conceived by Bergamo-based construction entrepreneur Giuseppe Taramelli that celebrates the “savoir faire” of construction site workers.

The exhibition – sponsored by the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan and curated by Angelo Dadda – consists of a selection of 32 black-and-white images by photographer Giacomo Albo and constitutes a narrative that immortalizes the metamorphosis of the construction site landscape, opening a reflection on the future of the construction industry in Italy.
It is thus meant to be a tribute to the ongoing work on construction sites, in which skilled, trained and prepared labor is disappearing. Putting an entire industry at risk.

“The exhibition in Milan is just a first step in a series of initiatives imagined to change the view of the construction site and the value of the human capital employed“, says Taramelli. “It is a denunciation of a practical need for skilled labor that translates and reverberates into a cultural and social communication project. The construction site is territory and forma mentis, it is a place of realization of architectural projects and life, of professionalism and economies, of study and proud participation in the dream of making something important and unique“.

The exhibition, the result of a selection from a very rich photographic carnet of six years of work in Italy and abroad at the Taramelli S.r.l. construction sites.
Building is the result of a “savoir faire” that, as Taramelli denounces, is disappearing. And it is doing so in a country like Italy in which the recovery and renovation of the building heritage are cornerstones of the construction world, in which the contribution of skilled labor is essential and irreplaceable.
Indeed, Aedificante intends to convey an educational message of inner and outer growth and beauty, because the building site is etymologically “the beam that supports […] people, buildings and communities, bringing work, identity and future.”

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog also edited by Angelo Dadda (Platform Network; 128 pp.; 30 euros) that brings together a wider selection of construction site images and features an introduction by sociologist Francesco Morace.
During the exhibition’s programming, the Stelline PlayArt Foundation’s educational section is organizing the two free workshops Artifex. Little Builders Grow (Feb. 11 and Feb. 25, 4:30 p.m.) to introduce children and teens ages 5 to 14 to the importance of “knowing how to build” through the story of the soul of the construction site.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th at 6 p.m. Registration is required to attend at the following link.
PLATFORM architecture and design is Media Partner of the exhibition.
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Cover: Anatomia – Viscere, Montecarlo, 2018 © Giacomo Albo
1. Struttura – Acciaio, Milano, 2021 © Giacomo Albo
2. Paesaggio Montecarlo, 2018, © Giacomo Albo
3. Struttura – Calcestruzzo Armato, Milano, 2021 © Giacomo Albo
4. Pianosequenza | Serie 1 di 03, Milano, 2019 © Giacomo Albo
5. Sintesi – Ingredienti, Varese, 2022 © Giacomo Albo


AEDIFICANTE. Cantiere. Cultura. Persone. Futuro.