Passion for design and a young, fresh vision is what characterises the style of estudi{H}ac, the architecture studio founded by José Manuel Ferrero.

The same graphic energy is transmitted by the new DREAMS FACTORY, at the Fantasia Bahia Principe Hotel of the Piñero Group in Tenerife, a place full of fantasy and colour, where emotions are an integral part of the project.

The inspiration behind this project stems from the idea of colour and fun. The venue and the layout of the space have been designed to create a completely new concept of Pool Restaurant, covering an area of 600 square metres.

The layout of the restaurant has a central island, where we find the sculpture of a big magic hat. Surrounding this central element are four imposing columns painted in red and white stripes, which resemble giant candy canes and are reminiscent of the design of old-fashioned shops, transforming the DREAMS FACTORY into a pleasant and entertaining place.

The cheerful spirit is also reflected in other areas of the venue, such as the menu service area and the buffet area, which offer salads, desserts and ice cream.

The lighting is characterised by lights worked into original shapes, while the tables and chairs are arranged in a linear fashion in subtle colours.
A system of mobile doors specially made for this project divides the interior from the terrace.
A full-height graphic design formed by metal sections recalls the vegetation of the island of Tenerife.

The exterior displays the same colour tones are used as the interior of the restaurant, combined like parts of a mosaic to create an explosion of colours and emotions.

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ARCHITECT estudi{H}ac
LOCATION Tenerife, Spain
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Adrian Mora Morato