Customise your taps with your favourite colours

All the delicacy and finesse evoked by matte pink are fully expressed in Silky Rose, the new finishing able to make the bathroom taps even more fascinating.

Silky Rose is part of The Outfit, the new wide and complete range of Fir Italia finishings with high design value and long life, enabling you to customise all the taps, shower heads and bathroom accessories.

The Outfit offers families of finishings with different design features, inspired by nature, architecture, interior design and fashion. Among the most unusual, the finishings in the Matt Luxe family, like Silky Rose, which differ in the refined, matte shades, embellished by delicate effects and iridescent glows, reflecting the characteristics of metallic minerals, giving life to sophisticated and unique finishings.

The Outfit finishings are made with a mix of cutting-edge production processes, called ASP – Advanced Superfinish Process. This new and innovative technology ensures a high aesthetic value, guaranteed by sophisticated surface treatments that give the metal unique colours, tones and reflections; fingerprint proof on matte finishings and limited fingerprints on glossy and mirrored finishings; long-life proven by resistance to over 1000 hours of salt spray test.

The Outfit programme is the protagonist in “Get addicted to colour”, the new communication campaign launched by the Italian brand, to underline the importance of the choice of colour in the bathroom as an expression of one’s personality.

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