Change your point of view

Discovery Space by Artemide, designed by Ernesto Gismondi in 2019, when installed vertically, becomes a perfect element to separate workstations or tables in a restaurant and divides spaces not only delimiting and protecting, but also adding emotion and dynamism to perception.
Discovery Space creates in this way wings capable of shaping environments through presence and absence given by its different levels of transparency. In this way it introduces a new perceptive experience, delimits territoriality and supports the flow of the rhythms of activities, behaviours and emotions, without hindering a correct vision in the different activities. Its light, not only white but also Tunable white or coloured, allows not only a correct perception but also opens to scenarios more and more aimed at people’s psychological and physiological well-being.
Discovery Space’s performance and flows are high but the effect is absolutely comfortable, so much so as to comply with UGR standards for work environments in any installation position.
Discovery is also controllable through the Artemide App, an advanced interaction system that makes everyone more and more free to modify their scenarios in an active and conscious way, in favour of both a personal well-being and a dynamic and involving space design. Thanks to Artemide App the light of Discovery can also follow our circadian cycles.
In this new scenario of social safety distances, Discovery Space therefore interprets the need to delimit personal spaces, improving environmental quality with light that takes care of our well-being and can create scenic and engaging atmospheres.