Cantina Montelliana Management Centre

The new management centre of the Cantina Montelliana and Colli Asolani, recently realised to a design by architects (Tommaso Michieli and Christian Zanatta), is characterised by an elegant and composite design that extends to include other pre-existing buildings.
Situated near the southern slopes of Montello and a few kilometres from the river Piave, the headquarters of the wine cooperative specialising in the production of prosecco covers an area of approximately 10,000 square metres.

Situated at the head of the production area, the building that houses the Cantina Montelliana’s management centre consists of a rectangular plan building, on three floors above ground and one basement, with a surface area of approximately 1,800 square metres. It houses technical and sales offices, an assembly hall, a tasting area, the boardroom, the president’s office and a terrace for events.
On the façade of the business centre, surfaces in preformed split concrete and perforated corrugated sheet metal are alternated with extensive ribbon windows, frequently interspersed with wooden screens. All the concrete elements, those in sheet metal and those in wood, repeat a motif of dense vertical grooves that offer a kind of counterpoint to the marked horizontality of the composition.

The articulated system of openings and screens also lends quality to the interior spaces, which express a high degree of relationship with both the exterior and the production areas to the rear of the building.
Behind the building, the red colour marks the pre-existing wine storage building.
wine storage building and distinguishes it from the new business centre. The two objects are physically separate but the space in between, which offers unexpected glimpses, is a place of connection and transition. It expresses the choice of holding together even very different architectural elements, putting them into dialogue.
A similar choice is at the origin of the extension of the façade of the business centre, which involves the other adjacent, pre-existing buildings: a shopping mall and a warehouse. The project by architects led to their integration.
The Cantina Montelliana project was conceived as a fragment of territory that incorporates the formal inconsistency of the production landscape to give rise to a new identity and to reorganise the spaces of the entire area.
Different materials stand side by side and confront each other.
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Project: Cantina Montelliana Management Centre
Studio: architects (Tommaso Michieli, Christian Zanatta)
Location: Montebelluna (TV), Italy
Year: 2022
Client: Cantina Montelliana and Colli Asolani winery
Photo: Massimo Crivellari