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Civic Centre Annamaria Bufi by Alpewa

Alpewa contributed to the renovation of a disused building in the town of Giovinazzo in the province of Bari. The former post office building was completely demolished and replaced with a new one. The new building became a centre for the support, reception and assistance of people, families and in particular women and minors in difficult situations due to the disintegration of family relationships and intraand extra-familial violence.

The general objective of the project was to build a modern, safe, energy-efficient and sustainable structure with high building quality standards, capable of effectively playing its role as a reference element in the social and urban fabric, even beyond the context of the neighbourhood. The building consists of a parallelepiped with a substantially square base, from which a volume has been subtracted from the previous structure on the south side to create a deep canopy and a sheltered outdoor space facing the square. This new space has been enhanced by cladding in stacbond composite panel, for which Alpewa is the Italian distributor, consisting of two aluminium sheets and a thermoplastic resin core. The cladding is organised in three horizontal bands and marked out in an irregular but modular fashion. This configuration guarantees both the necessary level of thermal and acoustic insulation and a more dynamic perception of the building which is clearly different from its context. The disused building in the centre of the square has been enhanced with the intention of creating a small but significant neighbourhood centre, with its own intrinsic aesthetic recognition. The form and above all the organisation of the structure are strongly linked to the function of inclusiveness and support that the Centre represents.


Architect: Michele Cirillo

Tinsmith: Lazzazera

Product: Stacbond

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