Borgo Ognissanti

The project is located in the historical centre of the city, precisely in via Borgognissanti, inside an Art Nouveau building built by Arch. Giovanni Michelazzi in 1910.
The apartment is a large loft custom designed for a family friend of the architect Filippo Cei and contemporary art collector, who wanted a pied-à-terre in Florence.
The spaces are very clean and fluid with huge windows overlooking Piazza Ognissanti.
It is a unique architecture for Florence, especially in terms of light and space.
The house is on two levels with living area on level 2 and sleeping area on level 1, all connected by an important existing wooden staircase, which the architect Filippo Cei has recovered and reinterpreted.
The living area with open space kitchen and dining / working table is the heart of the house, and is projected onto the large living room with gas fireplace.
The architect used natural materials in order to infuse warmth to counteract the austerity of the space.
The work was very long and complex as the building was bound by the fine arts, but thanks to the company Domus Operandi – made up of a team of excellences based in Tuscany – the architect succeeded in taking care of the architectural design, the interiors and the renovation of all the common areas and the glass facades of the building.
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PROJECT Borgo Ognissanti
LOCATION Firenze, Italia
YEAR 2019