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Borgo Brufa SPA Resort

The Borgo Brufa SPA Resort transformation project took two and a half years to implement a complete change to the structure, through major extensions and restyling of most of the existing spaces, in order to expand the structure’s SPA services from 1400 to 3000 square metres, and to allow it to move from 4 to 5 stars.

The hotel was born as a diffused structure: several buildings, immersed in a garden with breathtaking views of the valleys of Assisi and Perugia; but if on the one hand the diffused structure allowed guests to fully enjoy the landscape, on the other hand it was not the best solution for a SPA Resort, which should allow guests to comfortably move around in bathrobes in every season, starting from the room and arriving at the various services of the structure, which already had a 1400 square metre SPA before the latest interventions.

At the same time, the project needed to have a reduced impact, be integrated into the greenery, and continue to offer views and glimpses of the marvellous landscape that surrounds it: to connect all the structures together, about 300 ml of tunnels were created, with minimal heights – to blend in with the greenery as much as possible – and large glass surfaces, to continue to give guests the sensation of being immersed in nature.
A flat roof with a green roof was chosen for all the new volumes, in the direction of blending into the context as much as possible.

The choice of materials and colours in the design recalls the surrounding landscape: wood, earthy browns, green which returns as a colour and as a motif in a number of different forms, providing a constant reminder inside the building of the elements that can be admired outside.
In addition to this work, the reception, restaurant and rooms in the resort have also been completely renovated to offer guests a total wellness experience.

STRATEGIC AND IMAGE PROJECT: Silvia Giannini architect
ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT: Architect Fausto Ciotti – Torgiano
STRUCTURAL PROJECT: Ing. Mauro Fiorini -Perugia
CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: Granieri Costruzioni – Collazzone (PG)
LOCATION: Brufa di Torgiano (PG), Italy
PHOTO: Andrea Getuli