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BIGFOOT by Protek

Bigfoot® is the innovative concealed module created by Protek®, an Italian company that designs solutions to make the most of space in any environment and is particularly suitable for the office, residential and hotel sectors.

The goal of Protek® is to furnish by managing and making the best use of space in any type of setting. Bigfoot® is an ingenious concealed furnishing system that expands, composes or conceals spaces in the name of innovative design and maximum comfort. The aluminium counterframe that houses the Bigfoot® module is particularly suitable for transforming a piece of furniture in an office, a house or a hotel into a real safe.

Space dedicated to security is indispensable for the office, residential and hotel sectors: the Bigfoot® concealed module, which can be inserted in one of the rooms of a flat, office or hotel room, is an original solution with maximum security, thanks to the possibility of opening the structure that holds the valuables through a magnetic strip system. The “safe” module remains safe after each opening and disappears from view once it has been reinserted into the wall thanks to the concealed sliding walls.

The patented Bigfoot® system exploits the structural elements of separation and passageways in buildings, offering unprecedented solutions from a functional and aesthetic point of view, mixing design, creativity and innovation. Protek’s original format is no longer just a wall, but becomes a furnishing element that appears and disappears inside the premises according to specific needs. Bigfoot is capable of creating structures for storage spaces, bookcases, tables, beds, bar furniture or fitness elements, which integrate into the environmental context, redesigning spaces according to needs and the time of day. Suitable for the residential, office, hotel, contract and nautical sectors, Protek®’s products are generally suitable for use in any type of environment.

Available in the two versions “Architectural“, to be integrated into the wall during the design phase, and “Interior“, with simple fixing to the existing wall, Bigfoot® does not require any special intervention or building permit. The system consists of an aluminium counterframe designed to house the Bigfoot® container module, which can be integrated directly into the wall and become a wall itself, or can be installed in the wall without fixings and with very simple installation.


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