BetteAnti-Slip Sense

BetteAnti-Slip Sense is the innovative and brand new invisible anti-slip treatment.

We are talking about a treatment that cannot be felt or seen, but is activated when it comes into contact with water and body weight. The new BetteAnti-Slip Sense can be used to provide the highest level of slip protection on Bette’s glossy colours.

Shower trays and baths retain their flawless, shiny appearance and pleasant feel in all glossy colours. In addition, they can be cleaned in the usual way, because BetteAnti-Slip Sense is extremely scratch-resistant and resistant to the cleaning agents usually used to clean shower trays and baths. With its particularly high slip resistance, BetteAnti-Slip Sense is the ideal solution for less mobile people and families with small children – for anyone who wants to enjoy a safe and carefree shower or bath. The slip resistance has been certified by the German institute LGA Bautechnik GmbH in Nuremberg and tested.

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