BetteAir represents a real breakthrough in bathroom design because for the first time the shower tray is completely integrated into the shower area. Its delicate design language almost seems to merge with the floor – for the benefit of pure design and absolute creative freedom.

It is the thinnest shower tray in the world and integrates so perfectly with the floor that it is difficult not to perceive it as a true architectural and functional innovation for the bathroom. The BetteAir measures 10 mm. Which is approximately the thickness of a large format tile.

It is available in eight sizes. This means that shower areas can be realised in many sizes, from the small standard size to the XL area for maximum well-being. Thirty-one colours are available, including classics, exclusive matt colours and a special effect colour.

Designer Dominik Tesseraux sums up the project with these words: BetteAir is revolutionary because it has all the advantages of a tile without the disadvantages. With the shower tile, the floor is definitely beautiful, jointless and therefore absolutely hygienic and easy to clean.”

Everything in the new BetteAir is reduced to the essentials. Even the installation effort is minimal. The BetteAir comes largely pre-assembled and ready to install: this ‘plug-and-play’ solution means significantly less effort in shower installation and less coordination between tasks, thus saving time and costs.

Bette again relies on BetteGlazur® finished titanium steel, a unique finish that makes it virtually indestructible. BetteAir is manufactured exclusively in Germany, is sustainable and guaranteed for 30 years.

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