An all-over journey into patterns and technological progress

The creative impetus of Simone Guidarelli takes us by the hand and accompanies us once again on his journey through the world of design. This adventure involves Officinarkitettura, a young brand from Emilia Romagna specialising in wallcovering projects and production. The founders of Officinarkitettura, Andrea Bernagozzi and Giorgio Buratti, collaborate with artists, stylists, designers and architects to make room for different contaminations and obtain a high-tech, quality product.

From the Oriental Express and Safari collections, Simone Guidarelli’s patterns offer their energy and beauty to dress the spaces: thanks to the innovative solutions proposed by Officinarkitettura, the prints follow one another with fluidity, inviting the onlookers to let themselves be carried away by a pressing and contemporary rhythm.
Celebrating intense life and daring with romanticism, in a play of contaminations between fashion, poetry, storytelling and lifestyle, is the goal fully achieved by Simone Guidarelli. You break down the boundaries between surfaces, as you follow the expert flight of the herons in Wings of Water, the romantic gorillas in King of the Roses, the exotic flowers and birds of paradise in Secret Garden, and get caught up in the bewitching perspective of the textures of Damask and the ancient Japanese embroidery of the 1920s in Tree of Life.

Officinarkitettura’s coverings are suitable for different environments and are customised even in terms of size, designed to imagine all-over versatility throughout the home, but also “outside”, creating a unity between interiors and exteriors if necessary: moving away from minimalism, the desire to experiment and give shape to personal taste with new trends and techniques returns, especially if attentive to sustainability.
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