Pizza Legend

In Piazza Sergardi, Camucia-Cortona (AR) , Emanuele Svetti revises the concept of ‘pizzeria’, in a decidedly more unconventional, unexpected key. The design of this pizzeria is based on the search for a new format and the claim – “Pizza Legend” – is intended to emphasise and celebrate the value of pizza as our national status symbol.
Developed on just 95 square metres on a single floor, the space has thirty seats, obtained by seeking the best possible spatial optimisation and thus creating a harmonious compromise between style and functionality.

A stoneware material was used for the wall coverings, designed to create a geometric motif to give originality to the entire environment. The material covers the floor and some of the walls, creating a striking pattern effect; while a part of the restaurant room has been simply defined with a line of contrasting black and white wall enamel. The space is thus marked by a captivating play of two-dimensional geometries, where black and white are the great protagonists. Only the ceiling leaves room for an “extraneous” element: a large robot peeps out above the counter of the restaurant, “tearing through” the checked vault and welcoming patrons with sympathy.

The counter cladding was also made of stoneware, on a wooden structure that rests on the refrigerated metal elements, with a Venetian terrazzo effect that picks up on the contrast between black and white.
The tables were made to a design with a Pedrali base, using stoneware tiles as a table top.

San Lazzaro is a cosy, compact, original and certainly far from the stereotype of the pizzeria, interpreted in the strong and playful style that characterises many of architect Emanuele Svetti’s projects.
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Project: Pizzeria San Lazzaro
Studio: Emanuele Svetti
Location: Camucia-Cortona, Italy
Year: 2022