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Pellico 3 Milano

The five-star luxury Park Hyatt Milan opens the gourmet restaurant Pellico 3 Milano, led by Executive Chef Guido Paternollo.
The design of the space, by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti, has transformed the environment into a place where haute cuisine and craftsmanship coexist. The space, which covers an area of 120 square metres, is characterised by a colour palette that follows the suggestions coming from the chef’s gastronomic philosophy, mainly inspired by Mediterranean culture. An interweaving of flavours, colours and experiences to awaken all five senses.
Central elements of the interior design, ceiling and floor – symbolising the magic of the sky and the productive capacity of the earth – dominate the environmental experience, becoming the protagonists of a new narrative. Flaviano Capriotti has interpreted them, making them the protagonists of a story that speaks of light and poetry, but also of dexterity and concreteness.

Guido Paternollo’s gastronomic approach, centred on the rediscovery of excellent raw materials, guardians of biodiversity and our roots, was the narrative thread that also characterises the interior design, which uses local and natural materials. Lime, typical of Mediterranean architecture, interspersed with olive-green lacquered panels, was used to cover the walls. Elements such as Douglas wood, green serpentine and woven wicker, and reclaimed materials such as earthenware, characterise the space.
The chef’s cuisine, expressing the genuineness of the land and its products, has also inspired the colour palette of the interior: from the soft yellow of the hedgehog to the warm brown of the chestnut, from the cool green of the artichoke with white and purple hues to the intense tones of pumpkin and saffron.

The environment has been enriched by an exclusive selection of works of art signed by contemporary artists Paolo Canevari, Davide Balliano and Claudio Verna, curated by Cardi Gallery, a historic Milanese art gallery and a point of reference in the contemporary art scene.
Pellico 3 Milano takes on a new form with the intervention of Flaviano Capriotti, who moulds a starry sky under which to savour tastes, perceive perfumes, exchange glances and words.
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Project: Pellico 3 Milan
Location: Milan
Year: 2022
Studio: Flaviano Capriotti Architects