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House GM

The work is located in the south of Chile in the city of Puerto Varas, which is a very rainy area with a humid climate.
The context of the work refers togentle slopes with most of the main views in the distance; in the middle there are dense trees and in the terrain itself, only the topography stands out with a small block, in addition to this there is a condition of strong daily wind.

With these conditions the house was sought to value the topography taking off to the maximum of is having the minimum visual elements that arrived at the terrain.
It was also sought to play with the lightness of the volume, making reference to the vernacular architecture of the area taking advantage of the condition of this to climb the house to the great land in which it was immersed.

With regard to the interiors, space flow was sought due to the daily activities of the house, a large terrace to welcome guests and to protect oneself from the prevailing wind. A contrast was also sought between the interior in very light shades due to the large number of grey days in the year and the exterior, with black plates in order to look for as much heat as possible.
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LOCATION Puerto Varas, Chile
YEAR 2018
LEAD ARCHITECTS Cristián Gana H., Raimundo Noguera A.
PHOTO Marcos Zegers