WUB contest 2023

Livio Racca from Savigliano (CN) is the winner of the first edition of the WUB (World Unconventional Bathroom) CONTEST 2023: the free-of-charge photographic competition on the world of bathrooms, which collected entries and works from over 200 photographers from all over the world.
All entries were screened by the Jury composed of leading figures from the worlds of journalism, communication and design and chaired by curator and photography agent Federica Paola Capecchi.
The 26 finalist photographs selected by the Jury also participated in the awarding of the three special “Honourable Mentions” conferred by a Commission of 19 journalists from the home, architecture and design sectors.

“WUB (World Unconventional Bathroom) CONTEST 2023 is a unique initiative of its kind and its patronage spirit, completely outside any speculative logic, has ensured that the commitment of all the people involved in various ways in the project has always been at its maximum“, Walter Ciceri, the creator and promoter of the contest, proudly recounts. “Without them, it would not have even been possible to start, also because the organisation of this event has been very complex and demanding“.

The final classification of the WUB – World Unconventional Bathrooms 2023 therefore sees Livio Racca from Savigliano (CN) in first place, Gualtiero Fergnani from Monza (MB) in second place and Marino Bastianello from Venice in third place.
The award ceremony, open to all photography enthusiasts, was held on 15 April 2023 at ‘Casa Museo Spazio Tadini‘ in Via Jommelli, 24, Milan.
The presentation of the second edition of the contest, full of novelties, is scheduled for the end of June.

Image captions:

Cover: Livio Racca “Toilets in the desert”
1. Gualtiero Fergnani “Senza titolo”
2. Marino Bastianello “High altitude rescue”
3. Mithail Afrige Chowdhury “The open air latrine”
4. Ziaul Huque “Happiness without identity”
5. Anna Signorini “Senza titolo”