BOFFETTO present REVERSO collection by ARX (Paolo Di Nardo + Simone Chietti)

An innovative concept, summed up by the word flexibility which gives the chance to enjoy ever-changing and constantly evolving environments. The Latin word REVERSO means in fact “to overturn” or “to turn”, thereby already declaring the dynamic effect of this furnishing element depending on space and functionality. The user can enjoy an active role in determining the final aesthetic definition, choosing between painted steel, chromed steel, solid surface, ceramic, wood and mirrors.

A simple rotation of the table along its longitudinal axis allows it to provide a support surface, or a decorative mirror. An opaque top and its mirrored opposite give dynamism to a single object that  only appears static. The bookcase is made of fixed and dynamic flat elements that allow different compositions of the product on different occasions, thereby combining different materials in contrast with each other. Discover the Reverso collection at the Boffetto showroom, via Borgogna 5b Milano.