Missione Cassandra at Fuorisalone 2024

What would happen if there was only a piece of green left on Earth?

Missione Cassandra is the strongly and provocatively dystopian installation that Nou Group, an architectural studio from Viterbo, will present at the Fuorisalone to reflect on climate change. One of the historic trams customised ad hoc will roam the streets of Milan, a metaphor of a spaceship of a tragically possible future, which inside will preserve the last remaining clod of green on Earth. This is the studio’s first participation in the Fuorisalone in Milan: Nou Group was founded in 2017 in Viterbo by Daniele Conticchio, Alessandro Graziotti and Aurora Del Sette, three personalities with backgrounds in architecture and finance. The studio carries out public and private architecture and engineering works with great commitment and dedication to the themes of sustainability and energy saving.

Giulia Pappalardo, communication & event manager of the Nou Group, who conceived the initiative, recounts: ‘Our time capsule will be futuristic and minimal, winking at high design. For the exterior, we have opted for a semi-reflective holographic film reminiscent of spaceships. The interior will be predominantly white with high design elements. Claims such as: WE CAN BE THE FUTURE, FROM THE FUTURE AND BEYOND, GREEN IS MORE THAN A COLOUR‘.

The tram, chosen as the green means of transport par excellence, will offer everyone who gets on board the opportunity to be involved in the interactive installation and take a stimulus to reflect on their own role in environmental issues, in a direct and personal way. Welcoming at the entrance will be “The Conscience Mirror”, which will spur each traveller on with a revelation “I have the face of someone who can save the planet”. In addition to the installation, Missione Cassandra will offer several discussion talks during the Fuorisalone week, 12 for 5 days, on the theme of environmental sustainability and the importance of adopting virtuous actions to protect and preserve our planet. Attending will be Benedetta Bruzziches fashion designer, Francesco Ferretti of Ferretti Project interior and exterior designer, Tessa Gelisio environmentalist and presenter, Paulius Masteika creative designer, Nerina di Nunzio high qualification specialist at the University Roma Tre for the “Science and Food Culture Course” of the Science Department.

In addition, two itineraries of approximately one hour each will touch on the strategic points of Milan Design week. Departure from Via Cesare Cantù Cordusio/Duomo area:
– Itinerary 1: from Via Cesare Cantù, Cordusio, Grossi, Scala, Manzoni, Cavour, Turati, Repubblica, XXV Aprile, Garibaldi, Monumentale, Procaccini, Sempione, Arco della Pace, Cadorna, Cairoli, Bonaparte, Ponte Vetero, Broletto, Cordusio, Cesare Cantù;
– Itinerary 2: from Via Cesare Cantù, Orefici, Mazzini, Albricci, Larga, Fontana, Albricci, Mazzini, Orefici, Cusani, Cairoli, Foro Bonaparte, Cadorna, Castello, Lanza, Cusani, Broletto, Cordusio, Cesare Cantù.

Finally, users will be provided with ‘a capsule’ in which they will be asked to insert their own thought/forecast/desire for the future. But how to respond to this alarm message? Nou Group believes that there is still a chance for change and gives its own key to interpretation: ‘Three things will save the world: curiosity, sustainability and a desire for the future‘.


For more information: nou-group.com