Mirror Tape by Progetto Group

Effective and lightweight, TAPE is the mirror presented by Progetto Group in a round or rectangular version with backlighting and a practical integrated storage shelf.
The special feature of this design mirror by Bruna Rapisarda is its metal frame, which frames the product like a fine and elegant ribbon. The irregularly shaped mirror cuts out imaginative and creative slits, highlighting the collection’s primary features: the metal ribbon and lighting.

In the matt black version, TAPE blends discreetly and modernly into any space in the home, enhancing interiors with a clean, minimalist design. The elements in this collection are part of a new cycle of mirrors that are more durable and have a high sustainability coefficient, thus being more respectful of the environment and consumer health.

A water-based protective paint is used, with no lead added and where the use of solvents is kept to a minimum. Despite this, the products retain all the merits and performance of previous versions such as reflective qualities, durability, and ease of processing and transformation.

Framed and unframed, used in wall coverings, inserted in furniture, tables, doors or shelves, Progetto Group mirrors are the ideal product in residential, commercial and contract sectors, thanks to the excellent customization and design service offered by the Company.


For more information visit:  www.progetto-group.it