Metal Design by Cerdisa: a new creative vision of metal ceramics

Metal Design by Cerdisa has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2021 in the Design of materials and technological systems thanks to its originality and technological innovation, thanks to which digital decoration on porcelain stoneware has taken an evolutionary leap forward.

Touch to Digital (also encapsulated in the acronym T2D) is the name the company has given to the surface effect obtained thanks to the digital “glue and grit” application system. The three-dimensional Diamond texture derives precisely from the adoption of this technology and has been designed to embellish the material of the background: the perfect interlocking between the graphics designed by the ink and those of the glue, followed by a fall of fine grit of the latest generation, makes it possible to give a relief of controlled thickness to the surface.

In addition, T2D gives the tiles a continuous interplay of gloss and matt, which can be seen especially against the light: realism, therefore, can count on three different dimensions: colour, reflection and relief.


G+S Shining Gloss

The Deco geometric pattern is obtained by exploiting the “clear coat” application technology, which we have named Gloss and Shine: it consists in the centring between the graphics given by ink and the glossy material; the final result gives the surface a visual play of gloss and matt. The same effect is given to the délabré background, highlighting in a measured way every sign of workmanship and every trace of oxidation on the solid background.

An eclectic collection that frees the metal effect from the image of an industrial material only, to allow it to be the protagonist in the conception of a new model for evocative interiors, where textures and colours transform its charm into extreme elegance.


Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti is proud to count one of its collections among the best of Italian creativity and design of the year, contributing together with ADI to spreading the culture of design and the project on an international scale.


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