“LAPIS” (from the Latin for “stone”) is a series of unique and unrepeatable objects that will leave you speechless. The collection, designed by architect and designer Luca Sartori, co-founder of the Italian studio SUPERLUNA, is inspired by the places of memory, objects and traditions of Trentino life.

This series of products has been created by using and emphasising one of the rarest and most unknown stones in the world: the petrified wood. Dating back more than 30 million years, the wood has been subjected extremely rare and special circumstances that have transformed it into stone. The collection is the first of the new “Simone Pedretti” brand, which, after long and meticulous research, managed to find this special material in the Indonesian tropical forests. Given the uniqueness and complexity of the material, the design, prototyping and production process took almost two years.

The originality of Luca Sartori’s idea was to give a ‘new life’ to objects found in the Trentine tradition, revisiting them in a contemporary key and trying to make the most of petrified wood, thanks also to the skill of some of the best Italian craftsmen with whom the company collaborates with.

Among the objects presented we find the “CIOCÁT” a fantastic set of 3 tables, a coffee table, a bedside table and a stool; the “TRIGA“, from the Trentino dialect “trigar”, a bench for resting, ideologically composed of two steel logs and a petrified wooden board and, finally, the “SFÓIA” bookcase, the structure of which refers to the sheets of wood trunk and therefore to the first part immediately after the bark.

The combination of passion and commitment has given rise to the first collection of a young Italian brand, which has managed to twist the idea of creation through ever-changing details.

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