Williamsburg, The 50’s and Intarsio. Here are the components of the new Cesar project with the design by Garcia Cumini. An innovative kitchen with distinctive and unique components living in perfect harmony together or individually.

Intarsio. A range that moves away from traditional door design by introducing a wood grain finish and new patterns, further enhancing a noble material and creating a kitchen with a traditional soul and a modern look.

Ideal for those looking for a stylish yet clean design. Tratto is the door handle designed for the Intarsio range. A thin and minimalist design inspired by the simplicity of linear objects and made of extruded aluminium in various finishes.

The Intarsio range introduces The 50’s, a modern interpretation of a 1950’s bookcase. This structure is an additional functional component of the kitchen. Thanks to its characteristics and proportions, it can accommodate a number of modules such as ovens, glass and bottle cabinets, and open units. Its features also allow it to fit in well in dining and living areas, as well as to be used as a separating unit between these areas.

Its vertical supports are in aluminium and have built-in lighting; dimmable lights allow the creation of different moods.

Williamsburg is a kitchen island and counter that acts as a catalyst in the room. An important feature for those who love cooking, it can also be used as a table around which family and friends can gather and eat. To create this feature, it was necessary to create space under the work surface. A space free from obstructions but one that could meet the needs of the cook. The design was inspired by the construction of modern bridges, which have two supporting structures at the sides and a suspended horizontal element joining them. The island feels solid and strong while looking light and slender. The design of the islands creates harmony and intimacy within the house.

Photo . Courtesy of Cesar