INNOVA: comfort meets design

A very innovative architectural layout and a modern structure with large openings characterise the residential building in Pergolese (Madruzzo-TN) at the centre of the INNOVA project. The building is located in Valle Sarca, not far from Lake Garda, 300 metres above sea level. Although it is in climate zone F, the climatic requirements are not so much to shelter from the cold as to protect from the summer heat, which can grip the valley for long periods, even at night.

The project is a single-family house of 176 m2, two floors, volume 540 m3 and 10 rooms, the result of demolition of an existing building and reconstruction with a volumetric bonus granted for the significant improvement achieved in the energy class. The construction, built in 2017 by Sintec Home to a design by architect Claudio Cortella, consists of a box structure in X LAM, with exceptional airtightness and thermal insulation that guarantees significant energy savings. The structure’s high performance goes hand in hand with an architectural style in which aesthetics also play a major role. This is why aesthetics and technical performance were considered of equal importance when designing the systems for this building.

For the summer and winter air-conditioning system, a complete system from INNOVA, a company from Trentino specialising in products and solutions for residential climatic comfort, was chosen. The motivation that led to this choice was first of all the ability of INNOVA to provide a complete solution, a single system organism, equipped with different components but all able to integrate and communicate with each other, precisely because they come from the same manufacturer. In addition to these technical reasons, there are also aesthetic and design reasons. INNOVA has made the development of products dedicated to the residential sector its strong point and brings to the market solutions that combine high technology with refined and elegant design and that can adapt perfectly to any architecture with minimal visual impact.

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