Celestia_Wall Painting by Novacolor

Celestia_Wall Painting is Novacolor‘s new “soft touch” effect finish, which enhances the sense of decorative perception of environments to the maximum, making the home the perfect place to enhance the concept of beauty.
This “soft touch” finish dresses the walls with comfort, enhancing the perception of an intimate and welcoming environment: Novacolor intends, in fact, to interpret today’s living requirements that increasingly express the need for protection, comfort and almost “reassurance” in a domestic environment where harmony and serenity take centre stage.

Celestia_Wall Painting is a decorative cladding that responds to design requirements in terms of both aesthetics and functionality: a highly versatile finish that allows for colour solutions through visual sensations so profound as to induce one to “touch” the coloured surfaces, receiving back surprisingly soft and warm emotions. All this is always in tune with current interior design trends that seek not only decoration but also the well-being of those who live spaces on a daily basis, thanks to a formulation with low VOC content and no added formaldehyde.

Well-being and aesthetics are also the leading values in the restyling of the new capsule collection dedicated to Celestia. Novacolor folders are designed to propose, through a clear and simple language, the best solutions following the decorative trends of the moment. Among these is certainly the choice to include, among the colour proposals presented, a reference to purple, in which trend-setter shades with strong intensity and depth manage to emphasise the look and feel of the product to the maximum.
Celestia_Wall Painting is ultimately a true visual vehicle of comfort and welcome that enhances the matt effect to create spaces in perfect balance between cozy atmospheres and innovative spirit.


For more information visit: www.novacolor.it