Blackfin and a new sustainable headquarter

The real talent of an architect lies in the ability to design a tangible well-being for people, and it is a talent that Anidride Design has been able to demonstrate in the architecture of the new headquarters of Blackfin, the Veneto-based brand specialising in the production of titanium glasses.

The architecture studio Anidride Design, led by Nicola de Pellegrini and Giovanni Bez, specialises in the fields of interior design, branding and product design. Since 2011, the company has been promoting a holistic approach, combining sustainability, design and aesthetics to create revolutionary architectural languages.

In this project too, Anidride Design’s objective was to design well-being, to blend the building with its surroundings.
Built in Taibon Agordino, in the province of Belluno, the structure has a sleek, ultra-modern shape, hidden by a quilted cladding of small slits. The façade is made of completely recyclable aluminium, confirming the brand’s principle of sustainability.
This is the clearest proof that Anidride Design has always been faithful to the principle of circular design in its projects, creating buildings capable of respecting the environment while guaranteeing a high level of comfort for users.

The shape of the Dolomite mountains is recalled by the imposing verticality of the structure and the conformation of the inclined pitches at different levels of the roof.
The interior of the building also maintains a harmonious dialogue between modernity and the external landscape.
The rooms feature elements such as wood, worked by Veneto manufacturers, and stone, while a vertical garden evokes the evocative nature. The ceiling has a perforated surface, reminiscent of the sharp peaks of the Dolomites.

However, the building was also constructed with the aim of communicating well-being and improving the working environment.
For this reason, a “silence” room completely clad in wood was included in the structure, offering employees a place to relax without being disturbed by the constant noise of electronic devices and hectic work.

The project created by Anidride Design for Blackfin has received CasaClima certification, which assesses the energy functionality of buildings.


PROJECT Blackfin headquarter
ARCHITECT Anidride Design
LOCATION Taibon Agordino
YEAR 2020