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Casa das Freiras

The house was built from scratch on the degraded space of a vehicle workshop. A new building appears behind a really massive, powerful wall that provides ancestral tranquility for the patio house, a common design in the surrounding area because of the long Moorish occupation.

In a more reserved area, there are 4 bedrooms that open onto the garden. A central patio is a pivotal point for the entrances, a source of natural light and mainly a privileged zone for socializing outdoors.
Large glass walls provide a tenuous frontier between the inside of the house and the garden patio. There are four bedrooms, a large lounge and kitchen, but there are also small, discreet patios and the large garden patio arranged around the pool.

The bare concrete covers the few remaining walls to stress the sobriety of the building and articulate it with the grey finishes, as the stone of the pavements and the plaster coat of the ceilings.
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PROJECT Casa das Freiras
ARCHITECTS Mário Martins Atelier
LOCATION Lagos, Portugal
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Fernando Guerra / FG+SG