ADI loves Design

Love Design, the event in which AIRC and ADI work together to support research, will take place from 1 to 7 November 2021, coinciding with the Research Days, the event to support scientific activities, and this year, thanks to digital technology, it will be a nationwide event.
The essential partners in this operation are the Italian design companies taking part in the event, joined from this edition by Confindustria Moda with its member companies. As always, they will all offer their products to those who choose to help research with their donations.

ADI will contribute to this new formula by organising live streaming events, interviews and in-depth analysis with testimonials and exponents from the world of design and research.
The tools and testimonials are new, the objective is the same as always: to make available to AIRC many products that will be offered to the public for a cause that concerns us all, 3 annual scholarships for researchers.
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