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XXVI ADI Compasso d’Oro. The winners

For the first time in history, the award ceremony of the most important Italian design recognition will be held in a venue dedicated exclusively to the Compasso d’Oro. Also for the first time, the general public will be able to visit the exhibition in the new spaces of the ADI Design Museum which will open in December 2020.
This creation of a brand new reference point for design has been underlined by the new name given to the square in front of the museum entrance which was officially named the Piazza del Compasso d’Oro by Filippo Del Corno, Milan City Council spokesman for culture on the same day as the award ceremony.
The 18 Compasso d’Oro awards assigned by the international jury chaired by Denis Santachiara and including Luca Bressan, Virginio Briatore, Jin Kuramoto and Päivi Tahkokallio have been joined by 9 Compasso d’Oro career awards, 3 Compasso d’Oro International career awards and, a significant new feature of this edition, 3 Compasso d’Oro Product career awards. These have been assigned to objects whose design has guaranteed not only success but also extraordinary longevity: designed for decades, they are all still happily in production.

Products and jury decisions

Company: Momodesign
Design: Paolo Cattaneo, Klaus Fiorino – Momodesign
Product type: personal accessories
“The visor sits flush with the shell and generates a fluid and aerodynamic aesthetic.”

Company: Aboutwater (Boffi and Fantini)
Design: Kim Paik Sun
Product type: sanitary ware and bathroom accessories
“A solid structure, an elegant, severe and unexpected design, the result of constructive dialogue between two Italian companies and an oriental designer.”

Company: Flos
Design: Michael Anastassiades
Product type: lighting system
“A choreography of minimalism, geometry and technology, it is a perfect interpretation of LEDs and their transformation into emotion.”

Brand Identity Le Gallerie degli Uffizi
Company: Gallerie degli Uffizi
Design: Carmi e Ubertis Milano
Product type: corporate identity
“Synthesis of values and identities condensed into a symbolic monogram. Simplicity and uniqueness guarantee recognition and discourage imitations.”

Company: Universal Selecta
Design: Eugenio Pasta – R&D Universal Selecta
Product type: office furniture and accessories
“Advanced thermal and acoustic protection system, with elegance and transparency that separates without excluding.”

Company: D-Heart
Design: Design Group Italia
Product type: medical and hospital equipment
“Medical technology made familiar and transposed into daily life. Completely user friendly while allowing the patient to be followed from a distance.”

Company: Repower
Designer: Antonio Lanzillo & Partners
Product type: street furniture
“A new type of product able to combine different design aspects: digital, sharing economy, neighbourhood culture, urban furniture and connection. A company that interprets the spirit of the times through design.”

Enel X Juicepole/Juicebox
Company: Enel X
Design: Defne Koz, Marco Susani – Koz Susani Design
Product type: charging station for electric vehicles
“In a discreet and non-invasive way, it introduces a useful and innovative example of technology such as electric recharging into the everyday life of the urban landscape.”

Company: Gomez Paz Design & Crafted
Design: Francisco Gomez Paz
Product type: furniture and accessories for the home
“In addition to the product’s design, its design process is also interesting; made in Argentina with simple and renewable natural local materials.”

Ferrari Monza SP1
Company: Ferrari
Design: Flavio Manzoni – Ferrari Design
Product type: car
“The ability to project into the future by treasuring memory while not falling into vintage.”

Food for soul
Company: Food for soul
Design: Food for soul
Product type: social campaign
“It unites two worlds that are normally kept at a distance, namely the world of need and the world of art. The body is nourished while avoiding waste and the aesthetics comfort the spirit.”

Formula E Caliper
Company: Brembo
Design: Brembo
Product type: car components
“Less pollution and more efficiency, combined with accurate design finally result in a braking system designed for electric cars.”

Company: IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, INAIL Centro Protesi
Design: Lorenzo De Bartolomeis, Gabriele Diamanti, Filippo Poli – Ddpstudio
Product type: prostheses and tools for the elderly
“Design proves to be an indispensable tool in helping people in difficulty rediscover their future. Technology and aesthetics come together to help overcome psychological distress and physical shortcomings.”

Il mare a Milano
Company: Sanlorenzo
Design: Studio Neo
Product type: exhibition
“Recognition of the Italian ability to express the immersive landscape/digital landscape with poetic visions and artistic references.”

Company: Outcut
Design: Rocco Carrieri, Pietro Carrieri
Product type: boat
“Able to cross the sea without owning it, its light weight, user-friendly technology and flexibility facilitates transport and also allows those with moderate means to enjoy an innovative nautical experience.”

Pieces of Venice
Company: Pieces of Venice – Benefit Company
Design: Luciano Marson
Product type: recycling of discarded materials
“In the midst of the abuse and banality of contemporary souvenirs, this is a design based around material and cultural reclamation which conveys identity, history, irony and authenticity.”

Company: TM Italia
Design: Ruadelpapavero
Product type: kitchen system
“The use of a technological innovation – a single ceramic material for the worktop and hob – results in a neat and clear-cut aesthetic surprise.”

Company: Falmec
Design: Francesco Lucchese – Lucchesedesign Studio
Product type: furniture and accessories for the home
“Surprising in its simplicity and a harmonious cross between formal cleanliness, economic accessibility and sobriety.”

Jury decisions

Rossella Bertolazzi
“Preferring the substance of things and shunning the limelight, she has been able to make a significant contribution to the diffusion, critical development and teaching of design culture and visual communication throughout Italy. By turns grumpy and charming she has a constantly combative character which has allowed her to always aim for innovation and the good of her students.”

Gilda Bojardi
“A point of reference for information about the ever expanding world of design, capable of anticipating complex phenomena through a view of contemporary life that is never banal or ideological, and maintaining critical positions that are as constructive as they are original, she has known how to interpret the transformations of the publishing sector through the fundamental contribution made by the creation and implementation of distribution methods and widened participation in events that, thanks to her visions, have reached international dimensions.”

Marco Ferreri
“Elegance of gesture along with coherence, courage and lucidity are the hallmarks of all his design activity. This elegance is based on a methodology acquired thanks to intimate relationships with the great masters of Italian design and far from the excesses of communication. It is an elegance capable of listening to the unexpressed, and perhaps inexpressible, deeper and more intimate instances of a man who, in his complexity, wants to remain himself.”

Carlo Forcolini
“A multifaceted figure in the world of design as a designer, entrepreneur, trainer, manager and communicator, his career has always stood out for its civic commitment. His artistic training prompted him to explore design as the apogee of technical and expressive experiences on a journey that has produced memorable objects, developed over time entirely through the companies he has founded or through his relationships with historical Italian design brands. A generosity that is as disinterested as it is disenchanted distinguishes his relationship with the future young Turks of design who, thanks to his commitment as a trainer at an international level, are allowed to deal in a non-stereotyped way with an increasingly disparate and complex profession.”

Carlo Molteni, Piero Molteni
“A virtuous example of an approach that is constantly new but which has never sacrificed the essential values of continuity and responsibility that are the hallmarks of the family. This journey has contributed to the establishment and growth of a production model that over the years has become world-famous for its quality and reliability and its ability to create and develop a genuine Made in Italy design culture. This courageous and constantly discreet journey has resulted in a solid corporate culture aimed towards the future, in a daily process of testing that is conducted step by step with consistency and determination.”

Anty Pansera
“An original take on the world of design, based on training linked to classical culture and the history of art criticism, has allowed her to create original and essential texts through which to understand the Made in Italy phenomenon in its broadest sense. This undertaking has never been dogmatic but rather always committed to preaching the gospel of design culture in a wide range of professional areas, including that of teaching as well as that of presenting it through a number of memorable exhibitions.”

Vanni Pasca Raymondi
“He represents an essential link between architecture and design, two disciplines which as part of a constant academic undertaking are regularly compared and integrated in order to provide a vision that goes beyond the usual disciplinary approach, as well as giving a complex view of modern civic design through his extensive writings.”

Eugenio Perazza
“A somewhat volcanic personality, he has been able to apply the best of design culture in an area more generally devoted to the canons of tradition, overcoming skepticism and conformism with respect to new methodologies, new technologies and new experiences, and using design culture in its entirety. In his choices he has always paid special attention to the enhancement of local experiences while constantly stimulating international comparison without falling into the trap of nostalgia and provincial notions.”

Nanda Vigo
“Throughout Vigo’s career the relationship between light and space has been the backdrop for a constant quest for dynamic and harmonic balance. Art, architecture and design come together in an interdisciplinary vision that over time has become more and more aware of its commitment to safeguarding the environment and fragile cultures. A constantly coherent activity, capable of giving substance to the discipline through poetic projects endowed with ‘heavy lightness’.”

Jury Decisions

Emilio Ambasz
“An early standard bearer for the relationship between buildings and greenery, he has created authentic ‘living’ manifestos dedicated to a culture for sustainable development. He has explored the relationships between this cultural model and design processes with unusual poetry, courageously anticipating issues that are of urgent relevance today in terms of manufacturing responsibility. A dedicated popularizer of design culture, he has passionately supported the dissemination of the best in Made in Italy design throughout the rest of the world.”

Nasir Kassamali, Nargis Kassamali
“A progression of continuous evolution, capable of innovating the distribution model through the insertion of culture and passion, transforming the traditional concept of store into a place of experience and awareness for a wider audience rather than just for a small élite. A point of reference and enhancement for Made in Italy design culture on the international scene.”

Jasper Morrison
“He knows how to look at the world where others simply see. His has been a journey through designs for product types that have often been very distant from each other, which he has developed in the down-to-earth world of everyday work, far from self-referential and self-exalting rhetoric.”

Jury decisions

Design: Pier Giacomo Castiglioni e Achille Castiglioni (1962)
Company: Flos
“Typological innovation in the lighting sector, over time it has become an icon for Italian design worldwide.”

Design: Vico Magistretti (1978)
Company: Flou
“Typological innovation in the fabric bedding sector, it has come to represent the classic example of functionality combined with poetry.”

Design: Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro (1968)
Company: Zanotta
“Typological innovation in the upholstery sector, over time it has come to represent freedom and a breaking away from conventional styles of use”


Casco 4.0 
University: LABA Libera Accademia di Belle Arti 
Student: Pietro Gnali 
Supervisor: Andrea Gallina 
Product type: undergraduate thesis 

University: Politecnico di Milano, Scuola del design 
Student: Caterina Castiglioni 
Supervisors: Mario Bisson, Stefania Palmieri 
Product type: undergraduate thesis 

Tetraodon: ricerca, progettazione e sviluppo di un sistema di protezione individuale per le valanghe bio-ispirato a specie marine 
University: Università degli Studi di Camerino 
Student: Gianmarco Gatti 
Supervisor: Lucia Pietroni   
Product type: undergraduate thesis

The exhibition is open free of charge until September 16th accompanied by a catalogue in Italian and English published by ADIper. The catalogue is on sale online at the ADI website at: .
To view the video of the award ceremony, please visit ADI’s Facebook page on the following link.