VyTA Covent Garden

Open non-stop from breakfast to post-dinner, the venue hits London bearing the signature of Collidanielarchitetto, and constituting the first restaurant and cocktail bar at international level by VyTA.
Located in the East tower of Covent Garden market, eclecticism and experimentation are the fundamental ingredients at VyTA Covent Garden: wooden walls and lacquered surfaces, inlays and friezes, glass and precious metals shape glamorous spaces wholeheartedly express unconventional Italian style.

The interior design draws heavily on the Italian architectural culture of the Sixties, from which it takes its refinement of the construction and decorative details, the conception of the space as a living set, and the cocktail of elegance and irony in its geometric stylizations.
The rhombus constitutes the matrix of the dynamic elements that characterize design, from the macro engravings of the boiserie to the decorative patterns of the polychrome marble floors.

Organized on three floors, with a large outdoor area overlooking the square, and two terraces on the upper floor that serve as lounge bars, VyTA Covent Garden presents quintessentially elegant and sophisticated environments.
For further information, please visit www.collidaniela.com.

PROJECT VyTA Covent Garden
ARCHITECTS Collidanielarchitetto
YEAR 2019
SUPPORTING COMPANIES: Fratelli Marmo, illum, Divania
PHOTO Matteo Piazza