Villa M

The renovation of a single-family house, a “geometrile” villa, constructed in the 1950s at the top of Viale degli Angeli in Cuneo, Italy.
Luca Soave sees a design process conducted with an “open,” frank and direct character that recomposes the volume with a few gestures, in the relationships, and in distinguishing its parts to address the needs of the client who wanted to have generous space for socializing while also maintaining intimacy.

The large and small windows are freely arranged. There is a new distribution and connection staircase, a thin strip of white metal folded into the void – the radial pattern of the wooden beams giving projection to the new roof, thereby avoiding the “peasant” character of the struts traditional. Everything is immersed into the space in the rich shapes and colors of the water mirror and garden.

A few colors and materials were used:inside, the sobriety of the de-saturated oak is in relationship to the white of the walls. Outside, the continuity of white meets the dove gray of the window frames, while the northwest corner is covered with a large stabilized wooden plank.
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ARCHITECTS Luca Soave Architetto
LOCATION Cuneo, Italy
YEAR 2017
PHOTO Oscar Bernelli