Villa in the northern Italy

The villa offers a play between indoors and outdoors in a constant dialogue between the living spaces and the Zen garden in the park of the villa. Maurizio Morazzoni chose refined materials. As all the outside spaces, the roof is covered with teak wood with the insertion of slats which divide it giving the impression of a suspended space.

From the entrance in Lodrino marble, the large window crosses the whole villa up to the Zen garden on the opposite side. The boiserie inside are made of slatted Italian walnut wood. The access gate is made of tempered glass and the inside steps cantilevered of the staircase are covered with crystal. The inside offers a combination of ancient and modern revisited, with a kitchen with sliding walls to be isolated from the dining room.

In the living room, the audio and video areas, the technical components of the curtains and the geothermal energy air conditioning systems are hidden through a wood paneling. The Brazilian Azul marble prevails in the bathrooms and in the walls leading to the master bedroom. The basement includes a living room, a working kitchen with integrated barbecue. The living room furnished in nautical style includes the home-theater.
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PROJECT Villa in the northern Italy
ARCHITECTS Mariani Design and More
LOCATION Milan, Italy
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNER Maurizio Morazzoni
PHOTO Mariani Design and More