The Pure

The project of this salad shop in Corso Magenta in Milan was born in close collaboration between Nomade Architettura and Asterisco Creative Agency, creative agency in Turin, which was entrusted with the study of graphics, strategy and communication.
The concept proposed and welcomed with enthusiasm, both by the design team and the client, was born from the idea that the salad is an angelic, pure meal, almost a remedy, which allows you not to give up the taste, freeing yourself from guilt.

The vehicle of this message is a cosmopolitan saint who becomes the protagonist of space; a figure inspired by classical sacred iconography, but at the same time enriched with colours, floral details and poses typical of the Viennese Secessionist style, reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Strong is the reference to the madonnina, one of the most identifying symbols of the city of Milan.
The “santina” emerges on the back wall of the room from the tropical foliage that characterizes the wallpaper customized specifically for The Pure by Darlingmind Studio in collaboration with Asterisco, the pattern continues on the wall behind the seats, creating an elegant contrast with the light iron lace structure. The architectural project has therefore been conceived as a real scenography where to insert the saint.

The choice of the arch as a stylized and symbolic element is strongly inspired by the sacred newsstands that act as a habitat for the madonnine and the polyptychs, in which it is precisely the arch that gives an architectural structure to the narrative. The arch characterizes the white painted iron structure of the seating system, going to “frame” the single tables, integrated in the structure and together with them also the customers.
The space has been divided into an area for purchase, withdrawal and unassisted administration and a laboratory area.
The two areas are divided by the light white painted iron and perforated sheet metal structure of the counter.

The intervention has been studied in order to be reproposed in other points of sale and to perfectly adapt to a communication conveyed by an icon different from the Milanese jeans santina, studied from time to time for the specific location.
As far as the lighting was concerned, it was decided to use two neon lights, the first, high above the counter, bears the motto “It’s all a dream“, the second, like a brushstroke of light, highlights the halo of the santina making it three-dimensional.
In general, it was chosen to use “pure” lighting, of light only, selecting luminous globes and LED strips, in which the metal support practically disappears.
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ARCHITECTS Nomade Architettura
LOCATION Milano, Italia
YEAR 2019