Swisshouse XXXV Rossa

Part of a wider project of artistic and architectural interventions set in then Calanca valley, this modest structure underlines a commitment to create a bridge between the DNA of a place and its future.

The intervention emphasises the meanings of the existing structures, interprets a condition of past cultures and links them to an instinctive vision of the place.
The volume is in dialogue with the vernacular buildings present in the village, taking on its forms and dimensions, but escapes imitation, offering up continuous surprises from its dynamic cubic matrix.
Its lightness on the inside is in contrast to the external appearance and enriches the experience of a journey, gives a sense of calm and freedom, offering unexpected views to the outside.

The roof is the result of an analysis of the surrounding context; the inclined surfaces suddenly disappear and there is no clear perception until you enter, when, thanks to the double height you can grasp the spatiality of this small jewel.
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PROJECT Swisshouse XXXV Rossa
LOCATION Rossa, Calanca Valley, Grisons, Switzerland
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Fabrice Fouillet