Roma House

In 2018, a well-known Moscow media manager asked the architects of buro511 to build a house for him.
The customer had a site in the thicket of the forest among centuries-old pines – and he wanted a house on it in which he could hide from the bustle of Moscow, remaining with nature alone with himself.

The task was simple and at the same time difficult: you needed a house in which you simultaneously feel yourself in fortress, comfort and security and at the same time – in nature in the forest, without even leaving your home.
It was supposed to be a real “House in the Woods”. The Customer also wanted to use brutal and ascetic materials in the construction of the house, such as wood, metal, stone, concrete.

Roma is a small house of only 210 square meters, which consists of a comfortable living room with high ceilings and a master block with a bedroom, a dressing room and a comfortable bathroom for the owner with panoramic glazing into the forest.
buro511 also added one small guest bedroom, guest bathroom, guest dressing room and laundry room.
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PROJECT Roma House
STUDIO Buro511
YEAR 2020
LEAD ARCHITECTS Arthur Kariev, Ksenia Grinina
PHOTO Ilya Ivanov