Radius by Giuseppe Bavuso

Radius is the new bi-directional pivot door system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso. It represents an innovative proposal in Rimadesio’s design path, which with this product tends towards the gradual removal of structural elements, such as jambs and frames, in order to create proposals that can be included in environments maximizing the superior qualities of an exclusive material such as aluminium.

Always made to measure in height and width, Radius can be applied to large dimensions, with panels that reach 3600 mm in height and 1760 mm in width thanks to an extruded aluminium structure to provide maximum strength and stability in domestic as well as professional contexts, hospitality and retail. It is perfectly double-sided and coplanar to the wall: it is characterised by a minimal design conceived to recreate perfect continuity with the surrounding architecture. The versatility of the product allows installation on the wall without a jamb, with a concealed jamb or integrated into the Modulor wall paneling system.

The structure is designed to offer a wide range of aesthetic types and maximum functional quality. The aluminium structure of Radius is available in the aluminium finish, brown and in the 48 Ecolorsystem variants, the exclusive range of lacquers used by Rimadesio and purely composed of water-based paints, which guarantee the total absence of substances harmful to man and the environment.

The Radius door, in fact, like all Rimadesio products, is made by following principles of safeguarding the environment and its resources, through a production process powered by solar energy, aimed at the creation of long lasting goods. It is made, in fact, using glass and aluminium, Rimadesio materials par excellence, 100% recyclable, with a view to a circular economy that aims to reduce waste to zero.


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